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FitnessPlan is for those who want to learn how to exercise using nothing but their own body. Here you'll find not only information on exercises like push-ups and pull-ups but also how to develop to more advanced exercises like the planche and one-arm pull-up.

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Squats help develop the lower body and isometrically work the core. The body is lowered until the knees are at least 90 degrees before rising. Squats that stop at 90 degrees and those that go beyond can be called Parralel Squats and Deep Squats respectively.

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Push-ups are a well known and commonly practised exercise with a lot of variantions and progressions. During the exercise a person pushes about 60% to 75% of their body mass. The exact amount depending on how high or low one currently is in the exercise. If you often find yourself sagging at the hips or otherwise fail to keep the body as a straight line you may need to strengthen your core muscles. The plank is an excellent exercise for focusing on this as it puts you in the same position a push-up.

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Dragon Flag

In addition to being a core exercise the dragon flag is also a pulling exercise. In fact a lack of pulling strength, not core strength, may prove to be a limiting factor with this exercise.

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