Ring Turned Out Push-Ups Alternate names: RTO Push-Ups

Classification: Horizontal push
Difficulty: Intermediate

Variations 13

Diamond Push-Ups

Like the push-up but with the hands closer together and the index fingers and thumbs of both hands touching each other. This puts greater stress on the tricep muscles that regular push-ups.

Explosive Push-Ups

A push-up performed with enough force to lift the palms of the floor.

Wall Push-Ups

A simpler variation of the push-up.

Knee Push-Ups

A simpler variation of the push-up.

Incline Push-Ups

A more difficult variation of the push-up. Also targets the pecs from a different angle than the regular push-up.

Knuckle Push-Ups

A variation of the push-up that is performed on the knuckles. Puts less stress on the wrist so can be used as an alternative in case of wrist pains. Also used in various combat sports to harden the knuckles.

Maltese Push-Ups

Hindu Push-Ups

Guillotine Push-Ups

Backhanded Push-Ups

Ring Push-Ups

Ring Turned Out Push-Ups

Superman Push-Ups

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