Exercises Wiki


120° V-Sit 140° V-Sit 155° V-Sit 170° V-Sit 360° Pull 45° Nordic Curl (45° Harop Curl) 45° V-Sit 90° Nordic Curl (90° Harop Curl) 90° V-Sit


Arch Hang Archer Pull-Up Archer Push-Ups Archer Row Assisted Squats Aztec Push-Ups (Head-to-Toe Push-Ups)


Back Lever Back Lever Pullout Backhanded Push-Ups (Wrist Push-Ups) Bridge (Full Bridge, Wheel Bridge, Gymnastic Bridge, Chakrasana) Bulgerian Split Squats


Calf Raises Chin-Ups Chin-Ups Negative Clap Push-Ups Cossack Squats Crunch


Deep Step Ups Diamond Push-Ups (Narrow-Grip Push-Ups) Dips Double Clap Push-Ups Dragon Flag Dragon Press


Elbow lever (Bent-Arm Planche, Double-Arm Lever) Elevated Friction Pistol Elevated Two-handed Shrimp Squats Explosive Push-Ups (Pylometric Push-Ups)


Flying Superman Push-Ups Foot Supported L-Sit Frog Stand (Crow Pose) Front Lever Front Lever Row Front Lever to Inverted


German Hang Guillotine Push-Ups


Handstand Handstand Push-Ups Handstand to Back Lever Hanging Knees to Chest Hanging Leg Raise (Leg Raise) High One-Arm Pull-Up Hindu Push-Ups Hindu Squats Hollow Hold Human Flag


Incline Push-Ups Incline Row Inverted Cross


Jackknife Pull-ups Jump Squats (Explosive Squats)


Knee Push-Ups Knees Ab Wheel Knuckle Push-Ups


L-Sit L-Sit Pull-Up Lunges


Maltese Push-Ups Manna Maximum Compression L-Sit Muay Thai Push-Ups (Behind the Back Clap Push-Ups) Muscle up


Narrow Squats Negative Jackknife Pull-ups Nordic Curl (Harop Curl) Nordic Curl Arms Overhead (Harop Curl Arms Overhead) Nordic Curl Negative (Harop Curl Negative)


One-Arm Ab Wheel One-Arm Dragon Flag One-Arm Dragon Press One-Arm Elbow lever (One-Arm Bent-Arm Planche) One-Arm Muscle up One-Arm One-Leg Bridge One-Arm One-Leg Plank One-Arm Plank One-Arm Pull-Up One-Arm Pull-Up Negative One-Arm Push-Ups One-Arm Row One-Arm Straddle Elbow Lever (Bent-Arm One-Arm Planceh) One-Leg Deadlift One-Leg Dragon Flag One-Leg Dragon Press Negative One-Leg Elbow Lever (Bent-Arm One-Leg Planceh) One-Leg L-Sit One-Leg Natural Press One-Leg Nordic Curl (One-Leg Harop Curl) One-leg/Straddle Back Lever One-leg/Straddle Front Lever


Pelican Curls (Pelican Push-Ups) Pike Push-Ups Pistol Squats Plance Lean (Straight-Arm Crow Pose) Planch Planch Push-Ups Plank (Front Hold, Hover, Abdominal Bridge) Pull-Up Negative Pull-Ups Pullover Push-Ups (Press-Ups)


Reverse Plank Ring Archer Push-Ups Ring Dips Ring Elbow Lever (Bent-Arm Ring Planceh) Ring Handstand Ring Handstand Push-Ups Ring One-Arm Push-Ups Ring Push-Ups Ring Turned Out Dips (RTO Dips) Ring Turned Out Push-Ups (RTO Push-Ups) Rows (Inverted Rows, Supine Rows, Australian Pull-ups) Russian Twist


Scapular Pull Seated Pike Leg Lift Shrimp Squats Sit-ups (Curl-ups) Skin the Cat Split Squats Squats (Bodyweight Squats, Full Squats, Parallel Squats) Step Ups Straddle Elbow Lever (Bent-Arm Straddle Planche) Straddle Flag Straddle One-Arm Handstand Straddle One-Leg Dragon Flag Straddle One-Leg Dragon Flag Negative Straddle Planch Straddle Planch Push-Ups Straight Leg Ab Wheel Straight Leg Ab Wheel Negative Straight-Arm Frog Stand (Straight-Arm Crow Pose) Superman Push-Ups


Triple Clap Push-Ups Tuck Back Lever Tuck Front Lever Tuck L-Sit Tuck Skin the Cat Tuck-Up Crunch Two-handed Shrimp Squats Typewriter Pull-Up


Vertical Flag Vertical Row


Wall Handstand Wall Handstand Negative Push-Ups Wall Handstand Push-Ups Wall Headstand Wall plank Wall Push-Ups